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Potatoes are what we eat. Potatoes are what we ride


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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Proof of Time Travel. YOU CAN RELAX NOW!

Found at Watkins Glen State Park, NY on the Gorge Trail.
"The Devil is in the details." as the old saying goes. I cannot agree more.

Signing a contract? Review the details.
Moving to a new neighborhood? Observe the details.
Looking for a new career? Ask about the details.
First night with a new lover? Focus on the details your partner doesn't know they are giving.
Walking along a tourist trail with well over a century of history? Let the details tell the story.

And Lo! What a story I found. Atop a stone not far in from the South entrance I found a simple, yet powerful gesture of love between two tourists. From the year 2089.

This is big. I'll take it step by step and start you down the rabbit hole. Time travel is real. This alone has implications which even my nerd mind can only scrape the surface of. We've theorized the possibility of time travel for some time and so far, we cannot find a reason why it cannot happen.

Here's a piece of the latest research. --> Futurism

Math and engineering aside, there are other fundamental implications to consider, such as WE STILL EXIST IN THE FUTURE. Let that settle in. All the current strife, hurt, and war will NOT END US. That's not to say there won't be hard times in the future, as there were in the past. But, despite all of which is to come and the current political doomsday talk, we still are around poking the universe to see what happens. If you can't find some hope in that, then I can't help you.

I know what some might be thinking: What about "12 Monkeys"? Time travel exists but humans developed it as a desperate gambit to save itself. What times get tough theoretical physics is not the place humans go looking for help. We get brutally practical when the feces hits the fan. We find places to dig in and wait out the storm. I offer you all of known human history as proof. But I digress.

So, we have time travel. Great. What else do we have? TOURISM! People have free time in the future! Extended leisure time is only available in cultures where most basic needs are met. Depressions, famines, plagues, and environmental upheavals are not good for the tourism industry, unless there's something I am unaware of. Leave a comment if you know better. How do I know these weren't scientists on a test run? The same way I know why NASA takes great care to not bring back or leave microorganisms when it goes wandering around the solar system: contamination. Even a small change in an environment can have grave and unforeseeable consequences. Think the Bradbury story A Sound of Thunder or the Butterfly Affect theory. Not familiar with the latter? Watch this...

And we're back. Scientists involved with time travel, generally speaking, do not want to muck about with the time/space continuum by stomping around like overtired toddlers. Like, for example, leaving the year they are from in the past via graffiti. Yet, here we are. In fact, this blog and my posts to friends on social media could be having grave ramifications in the future. Or, maybe wonderful ramifications! Maybe this very blog is held as proof that techniques and technologies in the future work. If that is the case, then would future explores please do me a kindness and let me know? Oh! Perhaps they already have in a Moebius Strip kind of way!

Lastly, in the future humans still like to make public signs of affection. I know seventy-two years is not a long time, however it means quite a lot. It is a sign of personal expression. Individuals are apparently still willing to take chances, despite dire warnings to the contrary. It means that Love is still valued and displays of public affection still score points. It shows we can relate to the psychology of our descendants at least for the next three generations. Consider too, it wasn't a political message. That, beyond all else, gives me hope.

Okay. Ending here. I have to. I am having so much fun assuming this is a real date that I have a headache from all it could mean. The date has to be correct, right? People don't note fake dates on graffiti as a deep-level joke, do they? Random people writing future dates on vandalism as some sort of unrealized or realized acknowledgement that the present has value as it leads to a future we can also value is crazy talk! No good can come of that, right? Right? Exactly. That's why it must be real.

It is the only logical conclusion. Thanks, Erica & Eddie!

Be seeing you in the future,


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Total Eclipse (of the heart) 2017


The Science Channel is broadcasting the 8/21 solar eclipse live, which is fun. Home Depot sells glasses designed to view the eclipse, as I am sure many other places do. Just FYI.

Click on the image for NASA's official eclipse site for lots of cool information of the science kind.

I know what you're thinking: 
Those moon landing faking, flat earth denying bastards! This is probably fake, too!

But, if that were true then how could there be apps available to track the eclipse on your smartphone of choice? By law you cannot produce an app if it is not 100% correct, honest, or pure.
Right. That is very true!

So pull yourself away from the mundane on 8/21 -and with proper eye protection- view an event that cultures around the world for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years have deemed a dire omen of troubles to come. 



Sunday, July 30, 2017

Touch My Anchor and I'll F*#%You Up!

Echo chamber. It's a word not many have heard of, but it is something you, me, and the person watching you through the window need to be aware of. Let me explain. No, on second thought I will let these two videos get us started. They'll do a good job of it. Watch them and then we'll talk. I'll see you all a little later...

How's that scroll wheel looking now? Never thought someone had monetized it beyond the production aspect. Keep going. Not much further.

Thoughts? Humans as a whole do not function well in an environment with uncertainty lurking around corners waiting to pounce and eat our contentment, hope, and maybe the last five bucks in our pocket. So, we seek anchors. Cling to anchors. Defend our anchors even if they drag us down into very unhealthy and murky waters. Or put another way, GOD HELP THE BASTARD THAT EVEN SO MUCH AS TOUCHES OR LOOKS AT ONE OF MY PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS ANCHORS!

Interesting, yes? Now, you and I are smart. We're clever. We're worldly. Good looking. These videos don't apply to us, right? Bullshit. I'm human and this stuff applies to me, so I am betting your human mind works the same way. Many years ago I started asking myself What the hell is going on? once a day in the hopes of fighting this stuff. Key word: hope. Does it help? I hope so.

So, back into the Echo Chamber. An Echo Chamber is an environment (real or virtual) in which we hear and see and think only the things we want to. In other words, a place filled with anchors. And thanks to technology we have unseen partners who help build them! Algorithms in social media platforms do more than keep us coming back, they feed us news and ads based on the words we use and posts we like! HUZZAH! I'm not suggesting dumping social media because of the unintended consequence of thematic isolation. I use it and like. I just want YOU to know a bit more about it, and in turn how there are people who know a bit more about how our minds work then we might.

Down the Rabbit Hole and into the Looking Glass stuff, I know. But, I dig that sort of thing. Give it some thought. Don't take my word on it. Splash it around your own skull and see what you find.

I will leave you with this

While we can't change to the Cradle to Crematorium parts, that middle section has a whole lot of wiggle-room.

Stay well.

Be seeing you,


Saturday, July 22, 2017

To Serve A Prince

Mark and I are pleased to present our latest piece: To Serve A Prince

This new poster will debut at the Vermont Comic Con next month. By revisiting classic fairy tale troupes, To Serve A Prince reveals the unintended origin of a very modern Sci-Fi troupe with a very high body count. On-line purchasing details for a limited run of the poster will be announced after the VT Con. Huzzah! 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy Fourth of July (with a few much deserved shout-outs)

Let your mind be your shield
 Happy July 4th everyone. To the descendants of the British soldiers, no hard feelings. To the descendants of the French soldiers and the French politicians who loaned us money, many thanks. To the Native Tribes who fought on the side of Colonies, many thanks and sorry we didn't keep many of our promises. And thank you to my timeline for allowing such a marvelous thing as El Rey and its glorious movie marathons. Gojira!

My hope every year is that more people come to understand that our shared history is MUCH more complex and rich and terrible and awesome than the watered-down bullshit peddled to them is. Don't let talking heads of any kind hold the final word on your thoughts, the extent of your knowledge, and your view of the world. You're worth more than that.

Be seeing you,


Friday, June 30, 2017

Of Life and Gratitude (not my usual type of post)

This bird died near the entrance of a grocery store I frequent. The proximity of death to abundance is a multilayered koan.

I bitch about work and stress.
I never bitch about being hungry.

I bitch about television and movies.
I never bitch about being unsafe.

I bitch about commuting and chores.
I never bitch about finding a place to sleep.

I bitch about replacing my computer.
I never bitch about my family living in poverty.

I bitch about common Western problems knowing how lucky I am to have them. I don’t feel guilt over the fortune of my birthplace, to be clear, nor do I understand people who do. I didn’t pick it, nor did I push some other soul out of the line to the best of my metaphysical knowledge. What I am is deeply, deeply grateful. The unlikeliness of my circumstances given the scope of human history does not elude me. I am equally grateful that I was raised to try to make quality decisions. I am grateful the mistakes I made of my own volition did not ruin my life. I am grateful I learned from them. Living in the West in and of itself guarantees nothing, lest we forget. Finally, I am grateful for those who planted the concept within me that (hopefully) one day most humans will only have my kind of problems. They give me hope. 

Be safe. Be well. Prosper.

Thank you.



Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Today's Tom Sawyer

- A bit of fun with rock and Minecraft and gaming (with a sprinkle of commentary) in the midst of all the seriousness of the world. If you are not familiar with the source song Today's Tom Sawyer by Rush scroll down and play the song while reading. Just remember: blocks aren't permanent, but change is. Enjoy!

A modern day monster
Mean, mean stride
Today's Tom Sawyer
Mean, mean surprise

Though its mind has ill intent
Don't put it down as arrogant
Its technique is a quiet offense
Sneaking up on Steve is next
The chickens

What you say to a game company
helps them to mold their next DLC
Ask for mirth, ask for myth
Ask for mystery, Ask for wit

The world is, the world is
Square and caves are deep
Maybe as the skies are wide

Today's Tom Sawyer
It explodes on you
And the space it invades
Gets blown up too

No, this mob is not for rent
To any Notch or government
Always filled with ill content
It knows blocks aren't permanent
But change is

What you say to a game company
helps them to mold their next DLC
Ask for mirth, ask for myth
Ask for mystery, Ask for wit

The world is, the world is
Square and caves are deep
Maybe as the skies are wide

Exit the creeper
Today's Tom Sawyer
It sneaks on by you
And the emeralds you trade
He gets right on to the next noob of the day

(Check out that movie poster. Do you know the title?)

Be seeing you,